Brut Nature

Casual, fresh and whimsical

Pale yellow with greenish tones. Moderate carbonation. Characteristic freshness of white fruits (pear and pineapple). Candid, clean and intense. Refreshing fore-palate. Good mouthfeel. Delicate softness of carbon dioxide. Sweet with hints of exotic fruit.

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Direct and complex, modern and classic

Straw yellow with golden-green hues. Persistent fine bubble. Prominent bead and silky, delicate mousse. Fresh and intense with hints of yellow fruit (peach and ripe apricot). Aromas of fresh yeast and bread. Pleasant, silky and velvety fore-palate. Long-lasting on the palate with notes of fresh pastries. Rounded finish that invites you to drink another glass.

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Delicate and versatile cava showing typicity

Ruby red of medium intensity. Good mousse formation. Persistent bead. Hints of sweet wild strawberry, blackcurrant and raspberry. Fresh and intense. Sweet and delicate with notes of wild berries. Long-lasting on the palate. Well-integrated carbonation.

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Opulence and personality

Straw yellow with golden hues. Elegant fine bubble. Delicate mousse and good bead formation. Underlying ripe fruit (dried apricot) and dominant hints of aging. Aromas reminiscent of yeast (vanilla) with nutty and toasty notes. Pleasant attack becoming intense, fatty and unctuous. Complex, structured and voluptuous. Nicely-integrated carbonation. Lingering and pleasant finish.

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The traditional classic coupage with a touch of modernity and elegance

Bright yellow with lemony hues. Fine and persistent bubbles. Intense aroma with predominant notes of vegetal freshness, broom, orange blossom and almond with undertones of citrus and bread dough and yeast. Flavourful and very fine. Certain creaminess with smoky and spicy notes on the finish. Good citrus acidity, grapefruit and bitter almond bottom note. Winy, balanced and long.

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Along with our main range of cavas, in 2013 we also began producing what we call Microtiratges, small experimental productions of cava. These microtirages stem from the desire to offer unique and innovative products made from coupages selected from exceptional vintages. They are, therefore, ephemeral and one of a kind, resulting from a particular harvest, with which we hope to satisfy the desire of sparkling wine lovers for discovering very personal cavas.

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